Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Summer Wedding" by Kathryn Morris Trotter

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"Summer Wedding"
24x30" oil on canvas

Shhhhhhh.....This painting is a SURPRISE commission piece.  That is all that I can say, as I don't know who reads my blogs! :0!! The only suggestion for painting this was a plethora of colorful dresses (twist my arm, right??).   It is interesting that the last 5 commission pieces have been surprises.  What a unique gift idea that will be a keepsake for the rest of this person's life? 

It is a joy painting for these wives, husbands, and children who have put so much thought and excitement into photos, ideas, and specifics about the painting they want commissioned.  What is even better is the response I receive after the gift has been unveiled.  

Thank you to all who have allowed me the opportunity to play such a unique role in your expression of love to your family and friends.  Some of you have not even seen my work in person, nor do I know you on a personal level and some of you, I know quite well...either case, it has been a true joy.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

"Dancing in the Rain 2" by Kathryn Morris Trotter

Dancing in the Rain 2, umbrella girl with red dress, kathryn morris trotter, www.kathryntrotterart.com, umbrella art, fashion paintings

"Dancing in the Rain 2" 
by Kathryn Morris Trotter
giclee reproductions available at Fine Art Marketplace:

       This blog goes out to all of you who have contacted me regarding this piece.  I send my thanks around the states and overseas for purchasing the limited edition giclees of "Dancing in the Rain."  Please know that you have a little piece of me, since you own my art.    My biggest thanks goes out to the owner of the original who allowed me to have this piece transported all the way back to Atlanta so that I could capture the image for reproduction. 

      "Dancing in the Rain 2" has been one of my most sought after paintings since the beginning of my art career.  Who would have guessed??!  Being the originator of this painting, I obviously would not have created it if I did not LOVE IT!  So, I am not saying that it is not noteworthy of this praise, but I will say that one never knows just which painting is going have such a broad, profound effect.  

      This piece was painted with as much excitement as it exudes today.  Isn't it ineffable how a painting can encapsulate the energy that the artist possesses in the moment a painting is created and that it retains that energy for a lifetime?   As we look at the masters or any piece of art that speaks to us, we realize that it is the energy that invites us into a moment in time...

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Our limited edition giclees are being sold at Fine Art Marketplace (see link above).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"The Invitation" by Kathryn Morris Trotter

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"The Invitation"

"The Invitation"
40x60" oil on canvas
By Kathryn Morris Trotter

The title of this piece, "The Invitation," piques one's curiosity.  Where are these ladies going and what prestigious event soiree were they invited to? Where are they?  Are they in New York or Paris?  It must be an important event to be so fabulously dressed in the rain...and yes, these fashionistas came prepared.  

I just love this painting, and I will miss it when it is no longer hanging in my studio.  Where do I envision these ladies?? I see this piece in a high-end fashion boutique, a New York loft, or potentially a fashion house....although, I wouldn't be surprised if a man ends up purchasing this painting for his wife or secretly for himself.  One would be surprised at how many emails I receive from men who are captivated by these ladies.  They have no shame...I am talking true businessmen who probably eat, live, and breathe football.  I must say..I love it!