Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Off to the Opera"

"Off to the Opera" 
10x20" oil on linen
Artist: Kathryn Morris Trotter

I continue to be inspired by elegant, stylish women...maybe it is my background in fashion design or maybe it is just that I admire that innate strength that a woman once exuded (not this woman is extinct today, but times have changed and so have women).

Most, again I say most of us have a deep admiration for women of the past...that vintage woman. Vintage styles in clothing continue to reappear over and over and we, for a moment, get to feel like those women. If we ask ourselves the question...what is it about those women that I love?? Women loved being women...They did not have to defend their position and try and prove themselves or convince others that they were intelligent, stylish, beautiful, or savvy....they just innately knew...