Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"PEACOCK II" by Kathryn Morris Trotter

26x48" oil on canvas
Kathryn Morris Trotter

Introducing....the newest member of the Trotter family!  If any of you have ever regretted selling a favorite masterpiece, you will appreciate the story of the peacock in my house that now stands at 48" tall.  The first one I painted was a 20x30" piece, and I reluctantly sold it to a woman who was very persistent is having it.  My first answer was, "I am sorry...the Peacock is not for sale, but thank you for your interest!"  Then a follow up email of, "if you change your mind and want to sell the peacock....!" Again, I waited a bit to get back, as I was very attached to this piece.  I felt as if I was giving him up for adoption!  So, finally with the intentions of "painting another peacock" I acquiesced and sold it to a woman who appreciated as much as I did.   Nearly a year later, this Peacock is now hanging in my den!  His attitude commands all of the attention in the room.  

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